Chile Piquin Salsa



Wash the tomatoes. Start by cutting a criss cross on the bottom of the tomato.

Cut a criss cross on the bottom


Place the tomatoes, onion, garlic, and serranos on a skillet. Make sure everything is blackened before removing.

Roast the ingredients


Let the ingredients cool slightly. Dice the onion, chop the serranos in half, and peel the tomatoes. Set everything aside until ready to use.

Dice, chop and peel


In a molcajete, add the dried chile piquin and grind until almost a powder.

Grind the chile piquin

You can buy a molcajete at just about any Mexican grocery store, or buy one online (Affiliate).  They come in different shapes and sizes.



Grind up the roasted garlic. Add the serrano, and grind up the pepper with the piquin and garlic. Next, slowly add the tomatoes one by one.

Grind the garlic, serrano and tomato


Add the roasted onion, salt, and cilantro. Mix with a spoon carefully scraping the bottoms and sides of the molcajete.

Add the onion, salt and cilantro


This tasty and spicy Chile Piquin Salsa is perfect for any and all your favorite Mexican recipes.

Ready to enjoy

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