Chicken Salsa Verde Tamales


Chicken Garlic Bay leaf Onion Salt Pepper Water Corn Husks Prepared masa Salsa verde

Cook the chicken


Place chicken in a large stockpot. Add garlic, bay leaf, onion, salt and pepper. Then add enough water to almost cover the entire chicken, cover and cook.

Shred the chicken


Once it’s cooked, let the chicken cool. Then remove the skin and the bones, and shred the meat.

Prepare the corn husks


Soak the dry corn husks in warm water. Put something heavy on top of the husks while they are soaking.

Make your masa


Making homemade masa dough is easier than you think. You can save some time and buy it already made.

Assemble the tamales


Spread a thin layer of masa on a corn husk. Add cooked chicken, salsa verde, fold and set aside standing up.

Cook in the steamer


Add water to the bottom of a large steamer, add the insert, and place a few corn husks on top. Assemble the tamales around the pot with the OPEN-SIDE UP. Cover and cook for 1 1/2 – 2 hours.



This recipe is not hard to make, it's time consuming. Once you serve and taste the tamales, you’ll see they are worth the effort.

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