Can of beer Salt (to taste) Lime (cut in half) Ice (as needed)


Cut your lime in half. Use one lime wedge half to rub around the rim of your glass. Lime will act as a ‘glue’ for the salt.

Cut the lime in half


Use the lime to rub around the rim. Dip the glass in plain salt or sea salt for extra texture.

Rub the lime around the rim


Give it a good twist for a well-coated, salted rim.  To add a little spice, dip the rim in chamoy or Tajin instead. Or to make it sweeter, and use sugar instead.

Coat well


Fill your salt-rimmed glass with a generous amount of ice cubes. Squeeze fresh lime juice into the glass. Add a pinch of salt (a little salt goes a long way), stirring it well to combined.

Prepare the glass


Pour in your favorite beer. Mix to combine. Make sure you stir it well to distribute that tangy lime and savory salt throughout the beer.

Pour the beer


Serve immediately and enjoy! This heavenly drink is best enjoyed fresh and cold.


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