Carne asada nachos


Skirt Steak Tortilla chips Refried beans Tomato Salsa Frozen corn Shredded cheese Pickled jalapeños Cilantro Oil Salt Pepper Paprika Cumin Oregano Garlic Lime juice

Marinate the meat


Mix salt, pepper, paprika, ground cumin, dried oregano, minced garlic cloves, lime juice, oil to make the marinade sauce. Place the meat in a plastic bag with the sauce.

Cook the meat


Grill the meat and sear it on each side for a few minutes.

Place the chips on a pan


Get all of your nacho toppings ready. I’m doing this on a sheet pan. Add a layer of tortilla chips to it.

Layer all the toppings


Before adding the cheese, add several of your favorite ingredients. I used frozen corn, canned pinto beans, tomatoes, salsa verde, and, of course, carne asada.

Add the cheese


Now it’s time for my favorite part – the cheese! Add lots of cheese and lots of sliced pickled jalapeños.

Ready to enjoy!


Place the sheet pan under the broiler on High until the cheese melts. Serve your Carne Asada Nachos immediately because the tortilla chips get soggy.

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