Carlota de Fresa


Evaporated milk Sweetened condensed milk Lime juice Ripe strawberries Galletas Maria


Wash and slice the strawberries. Set them aside until ready to assemble the dessert

Slice the ripe strawberries


To a blender, add evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and lime juice.

Make the cream sauce


Carlotas are desserts that always use Galletas Marias. They are a classic in Mexican food.

Prepare your cookies

You can buy your Galletas Marías online (Affiliate).  Galletas Maria are thin, round, and only mildly sweet. They are like vanilla wafers or graham crackers, but without the cinnamon flavor. This cookie is a favorite in Mexico.

Galletas Marías


Add a layer of the cream sauce to the bottom of the plate, so the cookies won’t move. Add a layer of cookies. Add a layer of strawberries. Add another layer of the cream sauce.

Begin layering

The layers will depend on the serving plate. There’s something about trifles that I love. You can buy a trifle bowl online (Affiliate) for your fantastic Carlota de Fresa.

Trifle bowl


Continue layering with the cream sauce, strawberries, and Galletas Marias. Repeat until there you run out of ingredients, or there is no more room, and place in the fridge for 24 hours.

Keep layering


Add a few sliced strawberries on top for decoration. You will beg for seconds.


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