Pozole Rojo


Water Pork shoulder  White onion Garlic Chicken bouillon cubes Bay leaf Guajillo peppers Ancho chile Dried oregano Salt Can of white hominy Shredded lettuce Radishes Lime Avocado

Remove the seeds and veins


Remove the stems from all the chiles. Cut lengthwise and remove all the seeds. Then, place in hot water until pliable.

Make and strain the sauce 


Rehydrate the chiles and add all the sauce ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth. Then, strain the sauce to remove any remaining dried chile bits.

Cut the pork in pieces


It is a leaner cut. You can also use pork shoulder with or without the bone. If using the bone, you will need to remove the bone at the end.



Cook the pork until tender. Add the red chile sauce and the hominy. Simmer on medium-low heat.

Serve and enjoy!


Add your favorite toppings, or whatever you like, to your bowl. This dish is full of flavor with bites of hominy that will make you beg for more.

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