Instant Pot Pozole Verde


Onion whole Garlic Oregano Bay leaves Salt Pepper Water Pork Hominy can Salsa verde

If you have time, make your own salsa verde. Or, buy it online (Affiliate) and save time. You'll be using it in the next steps.

Salsa Verde

Add the pork to the pot


Add the chopped up pork to the instant pot and cover with water. The pork stew pieces are about 1-inch thick.

Add the seasonings


Add the garlic, bay leaves, whole onion, oregano, salt and pepper to the pot. Later on, you will need to remove the bay leaves and the onion from the pot.

Set the Instant Pot


Move the valve to SEALING and set timer for 45 minutes (or press MEAT/ STEW button). Once the cycle is complete, release pressure by moving the knob to VENT.

Remove the fatty grease


Carefully open the instant pot. With a cooking spoon, remove as much of the fatty grease layer.

Add the hominy and salsa verde


Add the hominy and salsa verde, and cook for 10 minutes.

Add your desired toppings


Serve this delicacy and top with your favorite ingredients like cabbage, lettuce, radish, diced onion, oregano, chile de árbol, and lime

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