I love authentic Mexican chicken recipes.

There are so many chicken recipes on this site that involve chicken – leftover chicken recipe ideas, grilled, boiled, baked, etc. Expect more to come! I could make poultry dishes all week long.

Some favorites include: Milanesa de Pollo, Ensalada de Pollo, Mexican Deviled Chicken, Caldo de Pollo and Entomatadas de Pollo.

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Salsa de Aguacate, or Avocado Salsa, is spicy and smooth. Creamy and dreamy. It’s the perfect topping for grilled carne asada or breakfast tacos. By Mama Maggie’s Kitchen
Hand holding a black bowl of Salsa de Aguacate, or Avocado Salsa
10 sensational salsa by Mama Maggie's Kitchen

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